Energy saving nowadays has become a top priority against the background of rising electricity tariffs and environmental degradation. In everyday life, a significant proportion of the electricity spent is spent on education: In case of inaccuracies in the lists (including those not related to the applicant) before December 1, you must contact the territorial passport service or the Department of passports and visas of the Armenian police. High quality LEDs have wide color stability, high headlight efficiency and can maintain high luminous flux throughout the life of the LED.

Service life

  The service life of led lamps is very large, so in the long run it is the most effective lighting option:


In terms of price, led lamps (we are talking about quality lamps) are a little more expensive, but for the first few months of operation, the energy saved on them compensates for the costs incurred.

Off the heat

 In addition, incandescent lamps and the economy are heated, as a consequence warming also the lit room, which, in turn, in addition to the net energy costs, can create inconvenience in the warmer months. led bulbs are almost not heated.:


One of the most important indicators for people is the amount of electricity consumed by the lamp. Led lamps consume half as much electricity, providing the same lighting:

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